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Walnut Industry is Profitable in the Future

Source:China Walnut  Addtime:2010-09-04  
There are more than 40 countries cultivating walnut, with total output of 1.1 billion kg walnut, but there are less than 10 countries exporting walnut, with gross export volume of only about 10% of total output. America is the big walnut export country in the world; its export volume is only 30% of its total output, while its domestic consumption is more than 60%. At present, our China walnut export volume is only about 10% of the gross output, so our China walnut depends on domestic consumption mainly. So, we should base on domestic market when developing the walnut in the future. Because, our China is the biggest country of population, but per capita quantity of walnut is only 210 g, while in Germany and England, their per capita quantity of walnut is 500 g which is 2.4 times of ours. American per capita quantity of walnut is 640 g which is 3 times of ours. With the development of the living standard and understanding of walnut nutritional value, demand for walnut will increase on and on. By 2010, calculated to 1.4 billion people in our China, if per capita quantity of walnut is 300 g, our China yearly total demand will be 420 million kg which is 1.6 times of present demand. If per capita quantity of walnut is 500 g, our China yearly total demand will be 700 million kg which is 2.6 times of present demand. By then, newly-developed high quality walnut will bear a lot of fruit, and walnut quality will improve greatly in general, our Chinese walnut export volume may increase greatly too, and the high quality walnut will be in the demand situation. So, walnut industry is one profitable industry in the future.

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